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The Ancient Egyptians

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ZggNXIn the Afterlife

Girls and boys work make up and they use mouldy bread to fight infections. 

When a person died their heart was weighed against a feather. If it was lighter or equal  to the feather  the person would go to Aaru .Aaru means Egyptian heaven 


Lexie-Mia's additions-

When a mummy goes into the Afterlife the feather of truth goes on a scale to measure if you have done good or bad things in your life.

You also have to open 7 gate ways that lead to the feather of truth.


Egyptians believed that they needed to be buried with tresher to make them feel at home in the afterlife.


The Pyramid amids

They are in cario

They are hundreds of years old.

These Pyramids were built for Pharaoh Khufu.

The great Pyramids of Giza points very precisely to the north.

To date, over 130 pyramids have been discovered in Egypt. 


Hadassah's additions 

The Egyptians Pyramids are very tall. 

They were built by the Egyptian slaves. 

They were built long long time ago,  possibly thousands of years ago  

the pirimid are yellow and gold..They have lines on them.




You take the brain through the nose 

You leave the heart in the body

You need to put gold in the tomb and then wait for the mummy go to began.

You need to put the book of dead on the mummy

You take out all of the stuff out of the body except the heart.


You take all of the stuff in your body except the heart and put the rest in special tombs

Hadassah's addition

Mummies are made from wrapped bodies covered with old Newspapers and tissues.

They are placed in a tomb with gold masks.  

Julia's addition

Before mummies are  wrapped  Egyptians rubbed into the body specal oil.

Lily's addition

Generally, most mummies smell 'musty'. A mummy will not normally smell like other 'dead' things smell, this is because the internal organs are removed.





Egyptians writein


Thomas D addition

Are pictures instead of words to tell a story.



Egyptian Gods



The Egyptian gods are Seth Ra Amin Anubis Horus Thoth Orsiris Isis sekhmet Ptah Hathor  Nephth  they were very special gods but Ra  was the most important


The Egyptian Gods are Seth, Ra, Amun, Anubis, Horus, Thoth, Osiris, Isis, sekhmet, Ptah, Hathor, Nephth


Ra was the sun god and he was the most important.




Pharaoh is the king of Egypt's 


Lexie-Mia's addition-

The first pharoh was cut up into 14 pieces by his jelas brother.

Pharaohs child fancy costumes

There were about 170+ Pharaohs that were the leaders of Egypt, covering over 30 dynasties. 
 There are many different types of ph

There where many Pharaohs like 170+ that where the rulers of Egypt when there dead they make the Pharaoh into a mummy.


Thomas D addition

There are many different types of pharaohs like Tutankhamun, also called King Tut.


Hadassah's Additions

Pharaohs were the great powerful Kings of Egypt. 

They rule from one generation to another, called Dynasties 

One of the Pharaohs, called Peppy started reigning from age 6, and ruled for 94 years 

Khoffo was the Pharaoh that built the largest Pyramid ever in Egypt.  



Grave Robbers and Tombs  


Mummys go  in tombs  .mummy treasure s get robbed.

Julia's addition 

Egyptians are used natural minerals and plants to do cosmetics.


The grave robbers they went through a pyramid there was a seceret passage way they went through it there was a mummy they burnt the mummy and left as quick as they could to get out until they burn.




Egypt is a country in Africa.

The Egyptians bilt pyramids to bury their kings and queens and they called pheros.

The Egyptians where good at maths. 

The men and women wore make up.


Most ancient Egyptians pyramids were built as a tomb for their pheros and their family.

More than 130 pyramids were discovered in Egypt.



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